Stefan H. Holek wrote:
I am playing with database replication (MySQL) and have found the following caveats:

        - don't mix engine types (MyISAM, InnoDB)
        - don't use temporary tables

Now, RelStorage does both and so I was wondering how to proceed with replication. Would it be prudent to assume that all I ever need to replicate are the InnoDB tables "transaction", "object_state", and "current_object"? All other tables don't seem to be used across transaction boundaries, but I may be missing something here.

That is mostly correct. You need to replicate transaction, object_state, current_object, and do something with new_oid. There is no requirement to replicate the other tables, since they are used only for packing, although replicating object_ref and object_refs_added may save some work.

The new_oid table is special to the MySQL adapter. RelStorage uses the new_oid table as a kind of sequence. Like any sequence, it is intentionally non-transactional. Perhaps there would be no ill effects in switching it to the InnoDB engine.

Which MySQL replication method are you looking into?


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