One for the RelStorage issue tracker.

I've migrated a ~70Mb Data.fs to a Mysql backed RelStorage. Everything seems to work fine.

Packing can be slow, though. With GC turned off, packing took a minute or two. With GC turned on, it took many hours to complete.

While running the pack, the expensive query is this one according to "show processlist":

 UPDATE pack_object SET keep = TRUE WHERE keep = FALSE AND
 zoid IN ( SELECT DISTINCT to_zoid FROM object_ref JOIN temp_pack_visit
 USING (zoid) )

show processlist says: "Copying to tmp table"

This might indicate that the Mysql subselect implementation is slow in this case. And this ticket seem to confirm that:

I don't have a workaround, but will try to dig deeper.

Observed with RelStorage 1.1b1, Mysql 5.0.51a and 5.0.32


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