tsmiller wrote at 2008-5-28 19:55 -0700:
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>I have a bookstore that uses the ZODB as its storage.  It uses qooxdoo as
>the client and CherryPy for the server.  The server has a 'saveBookById'
>routine that works 'most' of the time.  However, sometimes the
>transaction.commit() does NOT commit the changes and when I restart my
>server the changes are lost.  

This looks like a persistency bug.

Persistency bugs of this kind happen when a nonpersistent mutable
instance is modified in place without that the containing
persistent object is told about the change.

Then the change is persisted only accidentally (together with
another change of the containing persisted object).
However, the change is seen inside the connection that did
the change -- until the containing persistent object is flushed
from the ZODB cache (or a restart happens, of course).

For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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