Hello everyone,

I have a couple questions related to "conflict errors".

During our home page stress testing (20 concurrent users), we detected
several conflict errors (see trace below), We thought these could ONLY
appear when writing objects in the ZODB.

2008-05-27T18:57:53 INFO ZODB conflict error at /portal/ (26 conflicts since
startup at 2008-05-27T13:37:19)

I would like to know:
- Can conflict errors appear when reading objects from the ZODB?
- Could conflict errors be the cause of a "spinning ZOPE" scenario?
- Is there any situation where ZOPE could try to write objects when
rendering an "only read" page?

Our configuration is as follows: Apache + Pound + ZEO architecture (5 ZEO
clients, 1 ZEO storage server - 650.000 ZODB objects)

Thanks in advance.
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