I have been using the ZODB for about a year and a half with a bookstore
application.  I am just now about ready to put it out on the internet for
people to use.  I have had the same problem with saving data.  I have tried
alot of things.  But I have never gotten the database to save consistently. 
I can create an x number of records one right after the other that uses the
exact same code to save them, and it is likely that all of them will save
perfectly except one - or maybe two.  I am posting another question because
I have got to get this fixed.  I do not understand the ZODB very well and I
have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my data is not there
when I restart my server.  I am posting another question about this trying
to figure out how the ZODB saves.  Maybe we can both figure this thing out. 
Your post hits home!

mottai wrote:
> Hi, I have inherited a rather large project using ZODB, so would be hard
> to paste code in here for example, so I will try to explain my problem
> well.
> This app allows creating new users, the users always save good. This app
> allows taking surveys, and these survey results are stored the same way as
> the new users. The Objects are persistent. 
> The surveys sometimes disappear when the app is closed, and reopened. I've
> verified they really
> are not in the database.
> What is confusing is I never see the behavior on my xp Pro machine. A xp
> Home machine here very often does not save the data on the commit, but
> even more odd, after a while starts to work and save.  I've tried forcing
> the objects to be dirty with ._p_changed = 1 and this did not
> help. 
> I've verified the commit does not throw any errors, and that the db is
> closed properly on exit.
> I'm using python 2.5 and zodb ZODB3-3.8.0-py2.5-win32.egg
> I appreciate any thoughts at all. Sorry for the lack of code example. If
> need be I can try to piece some examples together from different files.
> Thanks, Gary

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