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I have two questions.
                1)  When I already have a storeNumber and I save a record to

                                db.dbRoot['books'][storeNumber][bookNumber] = 

                 I have to set the _p_changed flag on the 'books' IOBTREE 
structure to
get the book to save.

I don't see why you need to set _p_changed here. The change should be noticed automatically.

                Which means that it saves the ENTIRE 'books' IOBTREE' structure 
time a save a single book.  (at least it looks like it is doing this).

Such a change will write only the data of corresponding bucket back to the ZODB but not the complete object. That's why we are having BTrees.

When I edit a book and save it the database grows by more than 64k.  And
it looks like it will get worse and worse as more books are added.

                Am I looking at this correctly.  Or am I doing something really

Your code using IOBTrees looks fine (except the unnecessary usage of _p_changed). Your observations or conclusions appear weird to me.


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