I'm currently trying to migrate an old Zope-2.6.1 application to
The new application platform is a Sun Sparc Solaris 10 server (dual

Application setup includes a ZEO server managing two databases (a "main"
one for common data and a "catalog" to store catalog), and two Zope
clients (one as main frontend and another one for uncommon
administration tasks, both with standard threads count of 4).
Database sizes (when packed) are of 280 and 400 MB ; Zope clients caches
are of 300 and 500 MB, for 40000 and 80000 objects.

All data are stored on two mirrored (via RAID 1) Hitachi SAN with quite
good writing speed.

I actually have two problems with this configuration :
 - storing an object into ZODB is VERY slow ; it can take more than 30
seconds when the object wasn't saved recently, event under light load. I
actually suspect that it's the catalog "full-text" search index which is
long to load, update and store. The old application under Zope-2.6.1
didn't have this problem (but also didn't use ZEO !). Is there a
specific way to handle catalogs with ZEO, should I avoid this kind of
configuration ?
 - sometimes (but most often under quite heavy load) the Zope clients
completely hang and stop responding, without any access or error log,
and without any disk or CPU activity. I suppose it's a kind of deadlock,
how can I detect the source of the problem ?

Many thanks for any help or advise, as the resolution of these problems
is quite urgent...


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