I have made two checkins to relstorage 1.1 branch:

[1] http://svn.zope.org/relstorage/branches/1.1/?rev=88789&view=rev
[2] http://svn.zope.org/relstorage/branches/1.1/?rev=88790&view=rev

If someone wants to discuss them this is the thread. ;-)

Ad [1]:
This clearly is not the only problem with temporary tables and replication. What the change does, however, is turn a hard error - which stops replication in a way requiring operator intervention - into a recoverable failure. And all this in an application neutral way! <Applause here>

We hope to tackle the main issue (a.k.a. better-not-use-temporary- tables-with-mysql-replication-at-all) in a later installment.


P.S.: I am quite excited about the memcached support. Does it "just work"? I.e. can I run my ZODB in RAM now? ;-)

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