-LМикола Харечко wrote at 2008-7-19 19:50 +0300:-A
>Hi. I am trying to rewrite Persistent class to python. How can i write
>python class that passes this tests (persistent.txt ):
>Basic type structure
>  >>> Persistent.__dictoffset__
>  0
>  >>> Persistent.__weakrefoffset__
>  0
>  >>> Persistent.__basicsize__ > object.__basicsize__
>  True
>and at the same time - it will be possible to create weakreferences to
>this class (in PickleCache). Also this class must not have __slots__
>(__getstate__ method).

I think, you should change the test.

The tests above verify that "Persistent" is implemented in "C",
thus cannot work when you implement "Persistent" in Python.

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