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> I believe it is common to have a theshold (say every 10000) objects to
> do a savepoint
> and then you can run cacheMinimize after the savepoint.
> surprised the zc.catalog does not provide this sort of knob. maybe it
> was a problem
> in the original ZCatalog implementation?

        I don't see why the zc.catalog would or should have such a knob. 
The catalog doesn't even know about most of the data.  It just has copies 
of the keys of the IOBTree and the values of one of the mapping fields 
that are the values of the big tree.  When I query the catalog, the 
catalog doesn't know or care if I actually look up the remaining 
associated values of the returned keys.  In other words, I am not storing 
the complete records in the catalog, just the ids.  (This may not be 
typical usage, but it made sense to me.)

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