On Sun, 2008-08-03 at 11:36 +0300, Malka Cymbalista wrote:
> We are trying to install  ZODB3-3.4.2 on a Linux machine running Red Hat 
> Enterprise Linux AS release 4 and python 2.5.2. We ran 
>    python setup.py build 
> which seemed to run ok except that we got very many warnings of the type
> In file included from 
> Dependencies/BTrees-ZODB3-3.4.2/BTrees/BTreeModuleTemplate.c:335,
>                  from Dependencies/BTrees-ZODB3-3.4.2/BTrees/_IFBTree.c:34:
> Dependencies/BTrees-ZODB3-3.4.2/BTrees/BTreeItemsTemplate.c:389: warning: 
> initialization from incompatible pointer type
> Dependencies/BTrees-ZODB3-3.4.2/BTrees/BTreeItemsTemplate.c:391: warning: 
> `intargfunc' is deprecated (declared at 
> /usr/local/include/python2.5/object.h:133)
> We then ran 
>    python test.py
> and got the results that are in the attached file.  This does not look right. 
>  Can we continue with the installation?
> Any help will be appreciated.

ZODB 3.4 is rather old and it doesn't surprise me the tests won't even
really start up with Python 2.5. Try .. uh .. Python 2.4 or maybe even


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