Christian Theune wrote:
However, I was hoping for inclusion of at least the
`storage-iterator-branch` in 3.9 and I asked a few times over the past
months already for review but haven't gotten any responses at all so
far. This branch has been used in production for a few month already.

In addition there's the `bushy-directory` branch which introduces a new
blob directory structure to avoid scalability issues with filesystems
like ext2/3 that only accept limited numbers of entries in a directory.
This branch is being used in production but needs a little which should
happen in the next days. (The packing is reported to block.)

At last there's a small `ctheune-betterimport` branch which fixes ZEXP
import for weakref objects and has been sitting around for almost a year
now too.

Any joy on getting these merged?

How about getting ClientStorage fixed so zeoraid works properly? ;-)



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