Thank you very much for the answer!Although I've read and
searched around, may I ask some more questions:What makes a
physical structure physical? (If I point to the same persistent objects
from different BTrees, which one then is physical if I store
them?)Should I always use an appropriate BTree to store a big
mapping? (Becuse the BTree isn't loaded at once)
How do
indexes basically work or how they are made? (Are they also BTrees, so
that if they are big, they won't load at once?)When should I
ever use a XXBucket, XXSet or XXTreeSet? (Or are they just internally
used classes in a XXBTree? Or if they aren't, do they have any
advantages, when using in ZODB?)By a VFS-like structure you
mean a non-flat structure? (Like a deeper mapping, like: Family name
-> id -> person?)Markus
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