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Christian Theune wrote:
> Hi Laurence,
> On Wed, 2008-09-03 at 08:06 -0700, Laurence Rowe wrote:
>> Backing up a ZODB has always been fairly easy in the past, but with the
>> introduction of blobs things have got a little more complex.
>> How should I create a consistent backup of my Data.fs and blob directory?
>> My inital guess would be to take a copy of the Data.fs, then take a copy of
>> the blob directory to ensure I have all blobs referenced in the Data.fs.
>> Would I be able to restore from such a backup safely? (it may contain blobs
>> from transactions that were newer than the backed up Data.fs).
>> This should be safe because committed blobs are immutable and any dangling
>> blobfiles would not interfere with the creation of blobs from new
>> transactions in the restored zodb, as transaction ids would not overlap.
>> I would be greatful if anyone could point out holes in my reasoning or has
>> experience of this.
> Snapshotting a blob directory after taking a copy of your Data.fs should
> be safe, as long as you don't pack in between.
> Note that at the design stage we imagined that blob directories might
> become really large making backups unfeasable. For those situations we
> handwaved a "very reliable storage" for this directory, like a
> self-contained SAN/NAS solution that keeps your data safe.

Assuming we can avoid the race condition induced by packing during the
backup (see below), it should be possible to write a script which
combines of 'repozo' and 'rsync' in such a way as to get a "pure" copy
of the blob directory which corresponds to the repozo dataset.
Somethiing like:

 touch .repozo_start
 /path/to/repozo -B -f var/Data.fs -r backups/
 find /path/to/blobs ! -newer .repozo_start |\
   rsync -av --include-from=- /path/to/blobs/ backups/blobs/
 rm .repozo_start

Packing *during* backup creates problems for repozo + blobs, because a
pack may cause "old" blob files to be unlined.  Furthermore, it is not a
use case I think we should support.  However, I don't think that
FileStorage supports the idea of a "pack lock" which would be acquirable
 by repozo, so I don't know how to prevent the race.

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