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Do someone knows if it would be possible to use Falcon outside mysql
like BSDDB was used? If it can and has a compatible license could this
be the base for a storage engine for zodb, and anyone has a guess if
this would be interesting?

Diversity is good - supported diversity is better.

What we need in the Zope is a supported and rocket-solid backends. We have this with FileStorage and ZEO. Relstorage is likely to become a good alternative as soon as it becomes mature . DirectoryStorage is around for a while (although not widely used). So if you come up with a new storage backend: what problems would it solve compared to the existing one. Implementing a backend is obviously is a complex thing (when you want to get it right) -> see Relstorage. The ZODB backend storage is likely to be cleaned-up (from what I've head) in order to make it more easy to plug in in a custom backend.


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