Wichert Akkerman wrote at 2008-9-24 09:44 +0200:
>Jim Fulton wrote:
>> I'd appreciate it if people would try it out soon.
>I can say that the combination of 3.8.1b8 and Dieter's 
>zodb-cache-size-bytes patch does not seem to work. With 
>zodb-cache-size-bytes set to 1 gigabyte on an instance with a single 
>thread and using RelStorage Zope capped its memory usage at 200mb.

I can see two potential reasons (beside a bug in my implementation):

 *  you have not used a very large object count.

    The most tight restriction (count or size) restricts what can be
    in the cache. With a small object count, this will be tighter than
    the byte size restriction.

 *  Size is only estimated -- not exact.

    The pickle size is used as size approximation.

    I would be surprized however, when the pickle size would be five times
    larger than the real size.

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