Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me.

I've got a custom Python cgi which runs in one directory using ZODB for
the database. It runs in a directory off the site root ie. /System

It's got a bit unwieldy in there so I wanted to separate the core
modules out as I don't really touch them any more, so adding


In System, I created a dummy frontend CGI like the following:

# /System/frontend.py
import ZODB
from Core import *
from Application import *
site = Start.ProcessRequest()  # Start is a module in Core

For some reason, all the Persistent derived objects in the database are
returning:  <broken Module.Class instance>

Does ZODB do something with __import__ modules which may cause it to
lose the references to the classes/modules?

Is there any way to fix the database or do I have to return to putting
all my .py files in one directory.

Many thanks,


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