Leonardo Santagada wrote at 2008-10-4 16:42 -0300:
> ...
>Why doesn't zodb has a table of some form for this info?

You can implement one -- if you think this is worth the effort.

The ZODB has a hook "classFactory(connection modulename, globalname)"
on the "DB" class. It is responsible for mapping the pair
"modulename, globalname" into a class.
Its default calls "ZODB.broken.find_global" but Zope redefines it
to "Zope2.App.ClassFactory.ClassFactory".
You can redefine it further -- if you like.

>I heard that  
>sometimes for very small objects the string containing this  
>information can use up to 30% of the whole space of the file (using  
>FileStorage). How does RelStorage store this?

The same way.

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