Hi all,

Many thanks for previous help, I've decided to refactor my database and,
in doing so, my application but I'm not sure if I'm accessing the
database correctly.

I've got a custom web CMS written in Python running on ZODB (so does
everyone probably). It's a CGI so each request generates a new instance.
An instance connects to the database, renders the page then disconnects.
On a good day an entire page refresh is in the region of 35ms with
dynamic content.

At the moment, I pass the reference to the dbroot() around everywhere
and each instance binds self.dbroot to it so I can reach it from
anywhere. Is there a better way to reach the database dict from anywhere
within my code? I have a lot of small classes, dynamically called, which
need access to the internet (menu builder, tag list lookups etc).

Many thanks,

Adam Auckland

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