Stephan Richter wrote:
> Shane, is there some wisdom here of a preferred setup in terms of how many 
> threads per Zope and how many connections max on a server?

A good setup probably isn't very different from a ZEO setup, with one
exception: RelStorage shares a lot less state between threads than ZEO
does, so there is now hardly a penalty for running multiple Python
processes instead of multiple threads.  Running multiple processes will
let you take full advantage of multiple cores.

> Mmh, maybe we 
> could put the reads on a RDB slave?

Yes, I think that would be an great idea, as long as we don't get in
situations where RelStorage disconnects from an asynchronous slave, then
connects to a different asynchronous slave that is less up to date than
the first slave.  That would lead to an inconsistent cache.  Hmm... I
may need to add code to detect that accident!


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