Hi all,

We have a fairly large zope/plone site, with various bits of the site 
split into separate databases, for example, all the members live in a 
separate database. We also use persistent caches (which I think is 
causing the problem).

We run zope 2.10.6, but we swapped out the ZODB with 3.8.1b9 a while ago 
(before 3.8.1 was officially released). This is on Linux (google only 
finds results for this error on that other OS).

The problem, which isn't too serious because we ignore it for now, is 
that whenever we restart these instances it logs many many 
ZODB.lock_file.LockError errors complaining that it could not lock a 
.zec file (the persistent disk cache). After a while it clears up. 
Because we use <email-notifier> in zope.conf to mail us errors, it means 
that every restart creates a couple of hundred emails.

Is this a bug? I suppose I could just downgrade the log message to WARN 
in the meantime?

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