Hello Jamie,

I would say to persist that object either you rewrite it in python,
(and use the persistent module)
or fiddle around the __getstate__ and __setstate__ methods.
Though no idea how you can get those working with your swig'ed

See: http://docs.python.org/library/pickle.html

Thursday, January 22, 2009, 5:46:08 PM, you wrote:

JM> Hi,

JM> I'm using ZODB in a desktop app (i.e. not using zope).

JM> I have class A which contains a list of instances for class B.

JM> I can persist class A when the list of class B is empty.  When i
JM> add an instance of class B to the list (and set _p_changed = 1) i get the 

JM> "TypeError: can't pickle PySwigObject objects"

JM> Can someone please give me a link of some advice in how i go
JM> about persisting lists of class instances?

JM> Thanks,

JM> Jamie

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JM> Jamie McQuay

JM> Scimatic Software Inc.

JM> www.scimatic.com 


JM> We build software for scientists.


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