Riccardo Minet wrote:
>  thanks a lot for your answer.
> Your diagnosis seems to be correct but maybe the same fix should be
> applied to the "restart_store" method too.
> See the log below:

Good catch!

>  Module relstorage.relstorage, line 505, in tpc_begin
>  Module relstorage.relstorage, line 186, in _restart_store
>  Module relstorage.adapters.oracle, line 532, in restart_store
> DatabaseError: ORA-03135: connection lost contact
> Do you agree with me?
> The 'close' method also deals with the same exceptions: does it need
> this fix too?

Yes, in fact, it's clear now that there should be a module-level global 
that lists all exception types we want to catch.  I've committed a fix 
in Subversion and I'll release a new version soon.


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