eastxing wrote:
> About one month ago, I asked a question about 'ZODB pack' and got 
> suggestions to update to new ZODB version.
> It took me one month to update my site from Plone2.5.5(with 
> Zope2.9.6-final,ZODB3.6.2) to Plone3.1.7(with Zope2.10.7,ZODB3.7.3).
> Then I update zasync(an schedule durable task framework used by Zope2) 
> to use its second-generation replacer -- 'zc.async', 'zc.async' needs 
> ZODB3.9.0, then I went further to update to use Zope2.11.7 and 
> ZODB3.9.0a12, so far so good.
> Now I want to use RelStorage, can I use RelStorage with ZODB3.9.0?

Yes and no.  I've tested it and it works, but you still need a patched 
version of ZODB.  I haven't posted a patched version of ZODB 3.9 because 
I expect ZODB 3.9 to eventually include the patch or some variation of 
it.  It would be easy for me to post a patched version of ZODB 3.9.0a12, 
though.  Should I?


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