Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> On 3/6/09 6:27 AM, eastxing wrote:
>> About one month ago, I asked a question about 'ZODB pack' and got 
>> suggestions to update to new ZODB version.
>> It took me one month to update my site from Plone2.5.5(with 
>> Zope2.9.6-final,ZODB3.6.2) to Plone3.1.7(with Zope2.10.7,ZODB3.7.3).
>> Then I update zasync(an schedule durable task framework used by Zope2) 
>> to use its second-generation replacer -- 'zc.async', 'zc.async' needs 
>> ZODB3.9.0, then I went further to update to use Zope2.11.7 and 
>> ZODB3.9.0a12, so far so good.
> Please note that Zope 2.11.7 is not supported for Plone 3.1.7. You 
> should be able to use ZODB 3.9 with Zope 2.10.x though.

Zope 2.11.2 is indeed not officially supported for Plone 3.x but we have
nightly test runs passing for months now. So there's a good chance it'll

If you want to use RelStorage I suggest using ZODB 3.8 with the
appropriate patches. This combination is used in production by a number
of people and has been tested.

ZODB 3.9 introduces a number of API incompatible changes and will not
work with Zope 2.11 in general. I had to change the Zope 2 code for 2.12
in quite a number of places to make it work with ZODB 3.9. I'd be
surprised if you get this combination working in a reliable way.


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