Hi all,
I want to upload a file of 6 MB with the function manage_upload
def manage_upload(self,file='',REQUEST=None):
Replaces the current contents of the File or Image object with file.

The file or images contents are replaced with the contents of 'file'.
if self.wl_isLocked():
raise ResourceLockedError, "File is locked via WebDAV"

data, size = self._read_data(file)
content_type=self._get_content_type(file, data, self.__name__,
self.update_data(data, content_type, size)

message="Saved changes."
return self.manage_main(self,REQUEST,manage_tabs_message=message)
 in python/OFS/image.py. But my Programm run without end.
I'm making some mistake ?  Anybody knows any way to solve
it ?
N.B: i am using Relstorage + Oracle 10i.

Thanks in advance

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