Chris Withers wrote:
> Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>> Just be aware that ZODB 3.9 is not compatible with any stable Zope 2.x
>> release. It only works and is required for Zope 2.12. It can be made to
>> work with prior versions of Zope2 but that is a mild pain.
> What are the problems with using ZODB 3.9 in Zope <2.12?

ZODB 3.9 removed a bunch of deprecated API's. Look at to see how
much changed in this version.

The main things were related to "Versions are no-longer supported."
which changed some low level API used in quite a number of places and
meant that some of the stuff in Products.OFSP couldn't possibly work
anymore. There were some smaller things as well, like ZopeUndo moving
into the Zope2 codebase and such.

I think someone reported to got the combination working, but I doubt
it's possible without editing the Zope2 source code, which isn't the
most maintainable solution.


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