Sadly, doesn't look like this is isolated on ParsedXML :-S

Chris Withers wrote:
> This is ZODB 3.9.0a11 on Python 2.5.1.
> The problem only occurs for certain ParsedXML documents, the two I've 
> found so far were created in 2004-2005, which I guess would have been 
> Zope 2.7ish on Python 2.4.
> Any ideas what this means or where it's coming from?
> Module ZODB.Connection, line 808, in setstate
> Module ZODB.Connection, line 876, in _setstate
> Module ZODB.serialize, line 604, in setGhostState
> Module ZODB.serialize, line 597, in getState
> TypeError: ('argument list must be a tuple', <class
> 'Products.ParsedXML.DOM.Core.Document'>, None)
> I have the troublesome pickles if it would help for someone to see them...

Now ZODB 3.9.0a12, this time a different type of object:

   File "ZODB/", line 808, in setstate
   File "ZODB/", line 876, in _setstate
     self._reader.setGhostState(obj, p)
   File "ZODB/", line 604, in setGhostState
     state = self.getState(pickle)
   File "ZODB/", line 597, in getState
     return unpickler.load()
TypeError: ('argument list must be a tuple',
             <class 'Shared.DC.ZRDB.DA.SQL'>, None)

This is truly one of the most opaque errors I've bumped into in a *long* 
time, any help would be greatly appreciated...


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