I have a multidatabase of 3 databases containing a handful of  
multidatabase references.  (This was created out of a combination of  
naivety along with a desire to be able to work with smaller files if I  
need to pull down a local copy of the database from the server.)  Of  
course, now I am running into trouble because I cannot pack one of the  
databases without occasionally having an object get garbage collected  
that is still referenced from another database, which leads to  
POSKeyErrors when I try to load the object containing that reference.

Having now realized the folly of trying to split things into multiple  
databases, I would really like to merge these 3 databases back into  
1.  Any ideas for how I could go about this?  Based on 
  and some experimentation, multi-database references are not  
supported by the import/export code.  Do I have other options?


David Glick
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