Attached is a minimally changed file, it adds a min, max
size of class types.

Maybe someone can help me.  We have a customer whose running out of memory.
We suspect it is content related, i.e. they uploaded a really big file
and in some way
the entire file is a single PData or some attribute.  Now the object
gets loaded into
memory (or many of these objects) get loaded into memory and the python process
runs out of memory.

So one of the quesitons:
  - What is approx. the largest instance in the ZODB?

So I added min/max to the script.  It may be useful to others (it is attached).

What are some debugging tricks/reports you guys use to inspect the database?

i.e. it would be really nice to be able to query the state of the ZODB, i.e.
"show all records > 1MB".  IIRC this should be doable in relstorage.
But it would
also be nice to have some set of tools for Filestorage as well.

alan runyan

Description: Binary data

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