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Pedro Ferreira wrote:

> Thanks a lot for your help. In fact, it was a matter of increasing the
> maximum recursion limit.
> There's still an unsolved issue, though. Each time we try to recover a
> backup using repozo, we get a CRC error. Is this normal? Has it happened
> to anyone?

I don't recall anything like that.  Can you provide a traceback?

> I guess we have a very large database, for what is normal in ZODB
> applications.

Not really:  I know of clients whose database routinely grow much larger
than yours (15 Gb, packing down to 6 Gb, right?)

> We were wondering if there's any way to optimize the size
> (and performance) of such a large database, through the removal of
> unused objects and useless data. We perform packs in a weekly basis, but
> we're not sure if this is enough, or if there are other ways of
> lightening up the DB. Any recommendations regarding this point?

Without knowing anything about the application:

- - Check that it is not holding onto "old" data inappropriately
  (e.g., maintaining lots of "archival" versions of content).

- - Check into the catalog / index usage:  you may be able to slow
  the growth by batching updates, especially to text indexes.

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