On May 26, 2009, at 1:45 PM, Alan Runyan wrote:

> Would it be useful to have a document that starts detailing sections  
> that are
> missing in ZODB/ZEO programming guide?

I'd honestly rather start from scratch with something that is more  
oriented to users.  Of course, I'd want it to be complete.

> i.e.
>  - Blobs are not mentioned.
>  - ZEO/Persistent disk cache not mentioned
>  - xdb reference safetybelt
>  - Documentation of various backend storages
>    - Relstorage, Demostorage, Filestorage
>  - MVCC is not mentioned
>  - Persistence cache not described
>  - savepoints vs. nested transaction
>  - Diagnostic recipes (how to diagnosis your application)
>  - Known Limitations
> How do you guys suggest we work on documentation?
> Would it be useful to come up with an outline of the target
> documentation?  Then people could start filling in some details.
> Maybe Jim could then review instead of produce the documentation?

I'd actually like to produce this documentation myself.  I've already  
started something.  It got pushed aside by another project, but I  
expect to get back to it soon.


Jim Fulton
Zope Corporation

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