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> Jim Fulton wrote:
>> It looking for the ZODBMountPoint object that Tarek refered to, I saw
>> that there is still  a Mount module in the ZODB package.  AFAIK, this
>> a fossil that never should have been included in ZODB in the first
>> place. I'm going to remove it from the trunk and from 3.8.
> A somewhat late follow up :) :
> I backported today the change from the Zope2 trunk to the 2.10 and  
> 2.11
> branches, moving that module from ZODB to the TemporaryStorage  
> product.
> It should now be easier for folks to experiment with using ZODB  
> 3.9.x in
> the earlier Z2 versions.

Cool. Thanks. :)


Jim Fulton
Zope Corporation

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