On Jun 25, 2009, at 9:29 AM, 无姓无名 wrote:

> in zodb3.8 a IXBtree support 64bit int key,

I-BTrees use 32-bit *signed* keys. L-BTrees use 64-bit signed keys.

> it is means the max number is 2**64.

actually (2**31)-1 (I-) or (2**63)-1 (L-)

> and a IXBtree can hold 2**64 items max.

2**32 (I-) or 2**62 (L-)

> I want to know a OXBtree is same limit? if use a string key, would  
> no limit?

Right, no limit. Of course, 2**32 and 2**64 are pretty big number to  
to begin with.


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Zope Corporation

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