On Jul 1, 2009, at 1:08 PM, Pedro Ferreira wrote:

> Hello,
> We have a script that does something like this:
> import os
> from ZEO.ClientStorage import ClientStorage
> if os.fork()==0:
>    print ClientStorage(('localhost',9675))
>    print 'foo'
> else:
>    print 'child: %s' % os.getpid()
> And it worked with ZODB 3.4, but we recently noticed that with 3.8 the
> child process hangs. But if we import ClientStorage only inside the
> process, it seems to work OK.
> Is this supposed to happen?

I'm not interested in trying to support carrying threads across forks.

I could fix this, but it would be a wildly low priority for me.

> Is there a workaround?

Yes, import ClientStorage after the fork.

BTW, your example script gets the child and parent backwards.


Jim Fulton
Zope Corporation

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