This version has a number of small changes:

Bugs Fixed

- Simplified the setup script in hopes of working with bdist_rpm.

- Fixed the setup test command.  It previously depended on private
  functions in zope.testing.testrunner that don't exist any more.

- ZEO client threads were unnamed, making it hard to debug thread

- ZEO protocol 2 support was broken.  This caused very old clients to
  be unable to use new servers.

- zeopack was less flexible than it was before.  -h should default to
  local host.

- The "lawn" layout was being selected by default if the root of
  the blob directory happened to contain a hidden file or directory
  such as ".svn".  Now hidden files and directories are ignored
  when choosing the default layout.

- BlobStorage was not compatible with MVCC storages because the
  wrappers were being removed by each database connection.  Fixed.

Features added back

- Warn rather than fail if is called with an empty version


Jim Fulton
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