I'm working on a utility to strip version records from storages.  I
plan to release it in a "bug fix" 3.8 release, probably 3.8.3.

It will have some limitations:

- It will only convert storages that have an iterator method.  I
suspect that FileStorages are the only storages that have iterator
methods in 3.8 and sooner. (Maybe RelStorages do too.)

- It won't give blob records any special treatment.  I think it's very
unlikely that there will be databases that have both version record
and blobs.  In any case, it should be possible to copy a blob
directory separately after copying the database records.  If someone
was insane enough to have blobs in versions, then the database records
will be stripped but the associated blob files will be left.  This is
so unlikely that I don't intend to spend time dealing with this


Jim Fulton
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