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> Jim Fulton wrote:
>> If you install ZODB3 3.8.3b1 normally, you'll get a strip_versions
>> script in your bin directory. I'm not familar with the Zope 2 buildout
>> or whether you can use ZODB 3.8 with Zope 2.12.
> Hmm, okay, I'll play it safe then...
> If I have a normal source install of Zope 2.9.10, how do I install ZODB
> 3.8.3b1 such that the zope instance will actually use it?
> Or do I just need to install it into site-packages of an appropriate python
> version so I can run the script on the data.fs file?

Sure, or in a virtualenv, or in a buildout.

> (sorry, having to guess here since I don't know how the script works - is it
> over a zeo connection? does it modify the .fs in place? does in generate a
> new .fs from an old .fs? Is it safe to use on a .fs in use by a storage
> server?)

Here's the help text.

$ bin/strip_versions -h
usage: strip_versions input output

Remove version records by copying input to output, stripping any
version records seen in input.

The input and output arguments are file-storage file names.  If the -c
option is used, then the input and output arguments must be storage
configuration files.

  -h, --help    show this help message and exit
  -c, --config  Treat the input and output names as configuration file names,
                rather than file-storage file names

The text should say that if configuration files are used to use an
input storage other than a file storage, then the input storage must
support iteration.  I don't know off hand is any other storages
support iteration in 3.8. :)  ZEO client storages support iteration in
3.9, but not 3.8. (Although the iteration implementation for ZEO is
painfully slow.)


Jim Fulton
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