As far as my experimentations towards RelStorage with plone, i have as idea to
use ZODB3 as an rather that the code from the Zope2 release tarball.

Thus, i installed the ZODB3==3.7.2 distribution from pypi, but unfortunatly, the
ZODB.scripts package is missing after easy_install work as well as others 

A rapid diff [1] with the 3.8 branch spots quickly the errors and leads me to a
trivial fix (patch attached).

I have commit access to the repository, but i ll wait for approval before
commiting. It would be good to release it too.


diff -ur --exclude=.svn  3.7.orig/setup.py 3.8/setup.py |grep script
         scripts = ["src/ZODB/scripts/fsdump.py",
+                   "src/ZODB/scripts/strip_versions.py",
     fsrefs = ZODB.scripts.fsrefs:main
     fstail = ZODB.scripts.fstail:Main
     repozo = ZODB.scripts.repozo:main
+    strip_versions =  ZODB.scripts.strip_versions:main
     zeopack = ZEO.scripts.zeopack:main
     scripts = []
+            "ZEO", "ZEO.auth", "ZEO.zrpc", "ZEO.tests", "ZEO.scripts",
+                    "ZODB.scripts",
+        "ZEO/scripts",
+        "ZODB/scripts",
-      description = doclines[0],
+      description = __doc__.split("\n")[0],
-      long_description = "\n".join(doclines[2:]),
+      long_description = (

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Index: 3.7/setup.py
--- 3.7/setup.py        (révision 104538)
+++ 3.7/setup.py        (copie de travail)
@@ -174,8 +174,9 @@
 # need to convert early versions of Zope3 databases to ZODB3.
 packages = ["BTrees", "BTrees.tests",
-            "ZEO", "ZEO.auth", "ZEO.zrpc", "ZEO.tests",
+            "ZEO", "ZEO.auth", "ZEO.zrpc", "ZEO.tests", "ZEO.scripts",
             "ZODB", "ZODB.FileStorage", "ZODB.tests",
+                    "ZODB.scripts",
             "persistent", "persistent.tests",
             "transaction", "transaction.tests",
@@ -187,12 +188,18 @@
     # into a package just like .py files.
     extensions = ["*.conf", "*.xml", "*.txt", "*.sh", "*.txt"]
     directories = [
+        "BTrees",
+        "ZEO/scripts",
+        "ZEO/tests",
+        "ZODB/scripts",
+        "ZODB/Blobs",
+        "ZODB/Blobs/tests",
     for dir in directories:
         exts = extensions

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