Jim Fulton wrote:
> It means that the server wasn't able to provide "quick" invalidations
> because a client was disconnected too long.  The message isn't very
> well worded, even aside from the misspelling.

Has that been fixed in the latest zodb? If not, if I get a chance, I'm 
happy to patch...

> Normally, in this situation, a client would then perform a full cache
> verification, which puts lots of pressure on the server, possibly
> making it unresponsive.  There's a client option
> "drop-cache-rather-than-verify" that can prevent this.

Was the present in Zope 2.9.8?

> Arguably, this
> is a "don't be stupid" option that should be enabled by default.

Happy to patch this too, if it's the right thing to do and I get a 
chance and I'm told it's okay to do so...


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