Zodb developers,
When I open my database I am mapping individual files in the following way.
I have about 20 fs files mapped in this fashion.  My concern is that I am
going to hit some kind of limit.  Is accessing these fs files going to slow
down as the number grows?  Am I going to hit an upper limit - say 256 or
something like that?  



    def open( self ):
        self.base = {}
        dbmap = {}
        tm = transaction.TransactionManager()
        self.tm = tm
        db = DB( FileStorage.FileStorage( os.path.join(currentDirectory,
"zodb", "grfind.fs") ),  database_name='root', databases=dbmap)
        root = db.open(transaction_manager=tm)
        self.dbRoot = root.root()
        db = DB( FileStorage.FileStorage( os.path.join(currentDirectory,
"zodb", "system.fs") ), database_name='system',  databases=dbmap)
        self.systemConn = root.get_connection('system').root()
        db = DB( FileStorage.FileStorage( os.path.join(currentDirectory,
"zodb", "accounts.fs") ), database_name='accounts',  databases=dbmap)
        self.accountsConn = root.get_connection('accounts').root()
        db = DB( FileStorage.FileStorage(os.path.join(currentDirectory,
"zodb", "dialogs.fs")), database_name='dialogs',  databases=dbmap)
        self.dialogsConn = root.get_connection('dialogs').root()
        db = DB( FileStorage.FileStorage(os.path.join(currentDirectory,
"zodb", "im.fs")), database_name='im',  databases=dbmap)
        self.imConn = root.get_connection('im').root()

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