Where can I find information on using BLOBs outside of plone?  I use
ZODB directly from my python programs and I would like to store large
files across ZEO.  I'm using a recent ZODB (3.9.3)

- I use runzeo.py to start my server, how do I tell it where on the
filesystem to put blob data?

- when using blobs across ZEO, where is the blob data stored on the
client side?  Memory? /tmp? cwd?

- I'm assuming that BLOBs should be manipulated like any other
persistent object. How true is this?  What exceptions are there?  How
is blob data cached in the client, specifically is it ever
automatically flushed? I want to use my BLOB data (read only) after
closing the db connection.

- where in plone or elsewhere might I find code that would illustrate
how blobs should be used?

Thanks in advance,


For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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