On Friday 13 November 2009, Roché Compaan wrote:
> We had such an opportunity about 2 years ago and although the client
> never reached (and probably will never) reach the membership they
> dreamed about, they did pay us to develop a storage for members that
> could scale to more than a 100 million members. We implemented a data
> partitioning strategy at application level. If I had another shot at it,
> I would try and develop a distributed ZODB storage, because it would be
> a lot simpler compared to what we had to do at application level.

Note that Shane developed a sharding solution a year ago with me. It provides 
container-level partitioning.


This in combination with the encryption work that we did for the ZODB makes 
the ZODB actually be a lot more advanced than some of the new comers.

I am very intrigued now to setup an EC2 cluster and install a z3c.sharding 
based solution demonstrating 100M users with some data. Mmmh...

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