Hi there,

when jotting down a thought about bug 240381 I got the feedback that 
caring about the issue isn't among the (current) priorities of ZODB 

Unfortunately, I don't know what those priorities are.

In addition, when going through the bug tracker this morning I found 
that the triage of bugs isn't executed very well currently and I'm a bit 
wary of trying to do something that will be shot down with a "not our 
priorities" quickly.

I'm trying to make up time to help where I can and I'm happy to do some 
leg work. For example I find it extremely important to have a well 
organised bug database. So one thing I'm trying to do is keep the list 
of untriaged bugs down so that when someone does have time to work on a 
fix for a bug he can easily find those that are important/urgent and 
real issues not duplicates or unreproducable things.

This involves moving bugs out of the "new" status as quickly as 
possible. For example #183203 has been prioritized to medium but is 
still sitting there as new. The content doesn't hint to it as 
"confirmed" so I'd suggest moving this over to "incomplete".

I find those thoughts to be relatively obvious, but I'd rather not keep 
"contributing" in my spare time with things that aren't of "priority" to 
the project.

And again: asides from the (to me) obvious cleaning of the bug database. 
What are the priorities?


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