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> Well, there is IStorage, and I think all storages (except for
> FileStorage) implemented it faithfully

I guess that depends on what you mean by faithfully. MappingStorage
and Demostorage
in 3.8 inherited a null implementation from BaseStorage and it's
arguable how faithful that
implementation is.

> (oid,
> version-that-got-removed-in-3.9, size=1).  FileStorage in 3.8 violated
> the interface by renaming size=1 to length=1, but it's fixed in 3.9.

and in 3.8.


> What I miss _a lot_ is a way to look at the last several transactions.
> There's the iterator API, but it goes from oldest-to-latest, and when
> you've got a large DB, that takes a while (85 seconds for a Data.fs with
> 922737 transactions and 8 GB of data, with 100 MB/s read throughput).

In 3.9 for FileStorage, if you give a starting tid that is toward the
end of the file,
it will scan backward, saving a lot of time.

I've attached an analysis script that illustrates iterating backward.
Someday, someone should get around to adding an option to the file-storage
iterator to go backward.


Jim Fulton

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