2009/12/20 Ross Boylan <rossboy...@stanfordalumni.org>:
> The IPC10 presentation says
> #Works as a side-effect of importing ZODB above
> from Persistence import Persistent
> I tried that (with the indicate other imports first).  It led to a "No
> module" error.
> I tried commenting out the line, since the comment could be interpreted
> to mean that importing ZODB already does what's necessary.  But there
> was no "Persistent" class defined I could use.
> I tried from Globals import Persistent, as suggested in a 1998 posting.
> This produced "No module named  Globals."
> Suggestions?

That is the old Zope2 persistence base class. Try 'from persistent
import Persistent'.


(note that guide has probably not been updated since ZODB 3.7, so
don't expect any newer features to be documented there).

For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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