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> Michael Havard wrote:
> >
> > We're missing 16 days worth of content.
> >
> > Python 2.3.5, Zope 2.8.4, Plone 2.1.2, and a host of other products. ZEO
> > configuration. Persistent disk caching is on.
> >
> > Yesterday everything was fine. All the content was there and accessible.
> >
> I recall reading about a case that involved quietly running out of free
> space on the volume used for FileStorage. Something like … the most recent
> content was in RAM — and the running ZEO cluster seemed to work fine with
> that (no adverse effect on the end user, at the time) — but that content
> was
> not committed to disk (and so, was probably unrecoverable following a
> restart of the OS).

If you remove an open file storage (on a Unix-like system), the file still
but it is no longer accessible from the original directory. New transactions
committed to this still existing file, not ram.


Jim Fulton
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