On Tuesday 02 February 2010 09:08:42 Christian Theune wrote:
> Hi,


> I think I'm fine with your approach in general by now. I don't have the
> time to review anything, though. The old version is happily there in SVN.
> IIRC you hadn't updated all unit tests last time, did you catch up with
> that yet?

  I fixed the current tests yesterday. I removed a bunch of them a while ago, 
all the one which was testing the pickle modification code, since I removed 
the corresponding code.

  I plan to add a few more today,

> Otherwise, feel free to merge and release.

  Thank you, I think I will have look at the trunk, but if there is no changes 
in it since my branch, I will move it as a branch called pickle-version, and 
rename my branch as trunk. I will tag it, but if you want me to do the 
release, you need to give me rights on pypi. My username is thefunny42.



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