Hi all

We have a Debian server running 3 Zope instances, each mounting its 
database from a single ZEO instance on the same server.

Until very recently we had been running each Zope with a persistent 
cache (using the 'client' directive in the zeo_client stanza of 
zope.conf).  Each cache was 300MB, as recommended by various buildout 
scripts and other "how to" documents I had read.

While under this configuration the site failed due to cache corruption. 
  This caused us to remove the persistent cache option, again as 
recommended in various mailing list posts.

However, as we are using the default Debian disk partitioning (whereby / 
is only 1GB) we ran out of disk space, as the transient caches appear to 
be being created in /tmp

Is there any way I can change the location of the transient cache files, 
putting them on a partition with more space?  I've been scouring the 
source but am yet to come up with the bit that creates the temporary 
cache files.  It's not an area of Zope that I've got any experience of.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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