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rohit wrote:
> I keep getting an error :
> "TypeError: issubclass() arg 1 must be a class"
> On debugging i  found that its due  to the issubclass method being passed a
> nontype object instead of a class.
> During the debugging process i find that the above mentioned error is due to
> the persistance class.The exact message i get is :
> "Unable to get repr for <class 'persistent.mapping.PersistentMapping'>"
> I posted this error last time and was told to provide more info.
> Hope this helps someone crack this.

Your previous traceback was:

> "D:\python\lib\site-packages\zodb3-3.10.0a1-py2.6-win32.egg\ZODB\Connection.py",
> line 245, in get
>     obj = self._reader.getGhost(p)
>   File
> "D:\python\lib\site-packages\zodb3-3.10.0a1-py2.6-win32.egg\ZODB\serialize.py",
> line 576, in getGhost
>     if issubclass(klass, Broken):
> TypeError: issubclass() arg 1 must be a class

which indicates that you have an invalid pickle:  the connection is
trying to create the "ghost" for an object (an empty instance) before
loading its state, but the part of the pickle for the object's class is
not actually a class.

What type of object was the "nontype object" you mentioned above?

Another of things to look at:  Are you loading the data using the exact
same versions of code used to store the data?  If not, then look for
places in the code where a class might have been replaced in the code
with a factory function (or other callable) of the same name.

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